Inside Beyoutiful:

  • Discover when to start a weight-loss journey
  • Learn how to calculate macro nutrients and calories
  • Master outlining the perfect meal plan
  • Explore ways to conquer fear of eating too much food
  • Find out how to navigate when a treat meal turns into a week-long (or longer) binge-fest
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Beyoutiful. The book every woman needs!

What Readers are Saying:

"This book explains so much in great detail" ~Elizabeth

"I like how it's broken down and being presented! Very helpful information" ~Teresa

Martha's Story from Morbidly Obese to Losing 100+ Pounds, Permenantly

Now, it's Your Turn to UNLOCK a Beyoutiful Version of YOU!

If you've ever been on a diet journey, you know how much it feels like a rollercoaster ride!

So many times you feel you will never "win" your weight loss journey and you lose hope!

And you're not sure who or what to trust.

And you just give up because nothing ever seems to work for you!

Your battle isn't over yet! And "Beyoutiful" will be your guide to ending the diets and learning how to fuel your body for life.

Beyoutiful is a must-read for any woman, any age, if you're ready to ditch the diets (for good) and learn how to heal your relationship with food!

"Super excited about this book" ~Ashley

"I'm excited! I can't wait to learn about Macros and calculating calories! Knowledge is power" ~Beth

"A few days I ago I felt stuck! Martha's chapter brought so much clarity.

I AM NOT STUCK" ~Phyllis





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The founder of Be Martha Fit, Martha had been on a diet since the age of nine!

On a fateful day in fourth grade, a classmate of Martha's called her "Big Bertha!" That is when the diets started and for 40 years she falsely manifested and fully believed the title of Big Bertha. It affected every relationship she had, including her first marriage.

At the age of 40, Martha started her own weight-loss journey and lost 105 pounds. Through this, Martha became a Nationally Certified Wellness and Weight Loss Coach and founded her company, Be Martha Fit, and now coaches thousands every year to victory over food!

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