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Martha Kerr VanCamp

Martha is the Founder and Head Coach for the online, digital weight loss company, #beMarthaFit and author of "Beyoutiful: Heal Your Relationship with Food."

Martha's weight loss journey has been featured nationally on: The 700 CLUB and TBN.

Martha is the official WFLA (NBC/Channel 8, Tampa Florida) Health Advisor and appears weekly on the television shows, "Daytime" and "Bloom."

Book Excerpt:

"Morbidly Obese!

I read those two damning words on my chart!

I literally wanted to vomit.

I was forty years old, on my second marriage and raising seven children while my husband was deployed.

I was undone. I was working full time and barely surviving the load that comes with being a single parent of seven. My dinners consisted of a bottle of wine followed by sleeping pills!....."